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Women and Vulnerable People’s Safety Summit

I’d like to invite you to my Women and Vulnerable People’s Safety Summit on Tuesday, February 1.

I will be speaking with experts on combatting male violence and we will be discussing the results and priorities of the survey and campaign I launched in November.

The event is open to all Warwick and Leamington constituents and Warwickshire residents but those 266 people who responded to my survey are especially urged to attend.

The virtual summit will be held at 19.30 and will last for an hour.

I will be hearing from experts at the Coventry Rape and Sexual Assault Centre, the 1752 Group, Warwick’s own Safeline and the It Happens Here student campaign group, among others.

We will be discussing the work each group does, the results of my survey and how to proceed with an educational campaign and awareness raising.

As I said previously, I hope to be guided by the experts but also by YOU – the people who responded to my survey and anyone who has ideas for how I can help make a difference for women and vulnerable people in the county.

If you want to contribute to or inform my campaign, please email me on matt.western.mp@parliament.uk.

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