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I support constituents with personal matters and advocating for them on the issues that matter.

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I hold regular surgeries throughout the Constituency in Warwick, Whitnash, Leamington and in surrounding villages.


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9 hours ago

Matt Western

The anger felt by Warwick and Leamington residents surrounding the death of George Floyd has been huge - and I share your anger. Enough is enough.

I have received an unprecedented level of enquiries from constituents over the last few days regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. Be assured that if you do get in touch, it will be read and I will respond - but it may take longer than usual.

As Britons, we can do something about the injustice across the pond. I’m joining colleagues in Parliament to demand the Government acts urgently. We can and should stop the trade of riot gear and rubber bullets with America to ensure our goods are not used to potenitally brutalise protesters. The Government should also put all of its pressure and condemn Trump's poor response.

The UK is no better with its record on racism. Look what happens on our streets, in our workplaces, on the football pitches. Look at the Windrush scandal. Look at the lack of action to charge the person who spat at Belly Mujinga who later died of Covid-19. Look at our Government’s dishonesty in failing to release the full report into BAME deaths from Covid-19. We need justice here, too.

We have a long way to go, but change can happen. Change must happen.
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18 hours ago

Matt Western

There are times when societies have to protest as the only way of having their voices heard. Now is such an inflexion point. But the moments are fleeting when outrage is at its greatest. People must come together to grab them and create the change we need to see. We cannot wait months or years for another opportunity for change. I'd like to thank everyone who is standing up against oppression and injustice.

If you should join the protest today, I urge you to please act responsibly and observe social distance at all times in order to keep infections low and protect the NHS, yourselves and others. I'm sure you will.
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2 days ago

Matt Western

A Black Lives Matter protest in Leamington is taking place tomorrow. Please see below for details.

It's important that we all play our part in standing up against oppression and work towards eliminating racism from our society.

In light of the current pandemic, please stay safe if you do attend and adhere to the guidance.
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2 days ago

Matt Western

Parliament was today reduced to an utter shambles by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Voting for a Motion that ensured we go backwards, are regressive and discriminatory at the same time is some achievement but that’s how we’ve ended the day.

A queue to vote that was almost a mile long, utterly shambolic and presenting the UK as not only a country that can’t manage a crisis but can’t accept 21st Century electronic voting systems. This is a Government that’s seemingly stuck in the 18th Century, forcing Parliament to spend 45 mins at a time standing in a queue just to vote...all because the Government refuses to continue with the digital voting arrangements.

The public expects their representatives to spend their time representing their concerns, not standing in a line. The Government must stop this political charade and let us get back to doing our jobs.
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Come and discuss any issues or concerns you may have at one of the regular surgeries held either at the Constituency office usually on Saturdays (appointment required - please ring or email the office).

Alternatively, I hold frequent ‘pop-up drop-ins’ around the constituency in community centres, cafes and shops etc..

Office of Matt Western, Town Hall, Parade, Leamington Spa, CV32 4AT

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