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Call on: 01926 882006

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Since being elected in June 2017, I have helped over 2,000 constituents – supporting them with personal matters and advocating for them on the issues that matter.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please write, email, call, or come to one of my surgeries – details are below.

Make sure you include your name, full postal address, phone number and email in your message. Matt cannot take up your case without these details.

Email: matt2representus@gmail.com



I hold regular surgeries throughout the Constituency in Warwick, Whitnash, Leamington and in surrounding villages.


Facebook Posts

23 hours ago

Matt Western

It is an incredible honour to have been re-elected your MP.

I simply want to thank everyone who went out to vote yesterday in such dreadful weather. And may I thank all those who, once more, have placed their faith in me and entrusted me to be our area’s representative in Parliament.

My commitment to Warwick and Leamington is absolute and be assured that I am dedicated to being your national voice and a local champion.

Finally, I am very conscious that the suspension of Parliament these past four weeks has meant that people who would like to have had - or needed - an MP ‘surgery’ appointment have been denied the opportunity during this time. As before, if any constituent would like to meet with me or needs to discuss any issues, please contact me at matt.western.mp@parliament.uk or on 01926 882006.

Sincerely, thank you again for re-electing me.
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2 days ago

Matt Western

You have 2 hours to vote. Use your vote to save our NHS.
Tag your friend to check if they've voted.

#LetsReelectMatt #triedandtrusted
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2 days ago

Matt Western

TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO VOTE - polling closes at 10, don't lose your voice, and your vote could not be more important.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring real change to businesses and residents across Warwick and Leamington.

We can invest in our public services to save our NHS, schools, and policing.

We can resolve Brexit within six months by letting the public have the final say.

We can combat the climate emergency.

The only way to make this is a reality is by voting to re-elect me. It has been a huge privilege being your MP for the last two and a half years, where I have worked tirelessely to be your national voice and local champion.

As I said in 2017, give me 15 minutes by voting for me, and in return I will give you 5 years of service.

#LetsReelectMatt #triedandtrusted
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2 days ago

Matt Western

This election is about much more than Brexit. Over the past 9 years, the Conservatives have cut our public services and NHS to the bone.

We all hope that if the worst happens, we will get the support and care we need. But often, this is simply no longer the case. Under the Conservatives, the NHS has suffered the longest and deepest funding squeeze since it was created.

As a result, A&E waiting times are the longest on record, and there are a shameful 4.4 million people currently waiting for medical treatment. In the last week alone, we have seen cancer patients and young children lying in hospital corridors, because under-resourced A&E’s simply cannot cope.

Let me be clear- the NHS staff are incredible at what they do. They provide such an excellent service with such little resources – I’d like to congratulate Warwick Hospital for their Outstanding CQC rating. But our doctors and nurses are under such immense pressure, and many have gone on record to say that the NHS is in crisis.

As your MP, I’ve worked tirelessly to speak out against these damaging cuts, in Parliament and in the constituency. We urgently need to invest long-term in our health service to rebuild it. Labour will invest £40 billion extra a year to:
- Provide safe quality care
- Recruit the 100,000 doctors and nurses the NHS needs
- Rebuild crumbling hospitals and
- Provide modern state-of-the-art medical equipment

We will also put an immediate end to the Conservative’s privatisation of the NHS. With Johnson’s disastrous Brexit deal, he is opening our NHS to the highest bidder. We know that the Americans will demand that their pharmaceutical companies have greater market access to our drugs, aiming for higher prices. This is what happened in Australia – trust me, it will happen here too. We must stop this at all costs.

Labour created the NHS, we are the only chance to save it. Please, vote to re-elect me and I will continue to campaign for our NHS.

#LetsReelectMatt #TriedAndTrusted
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2 days ago

Matt Western

Before you cast your vote today, it is hugely important to understand that in Warwick and Leamington it's a clear two-horse race between me and the Conservatives.

A vote for the Lib Dems or the Greens will only split the vote and allow the Conservatives take the seat.

This will lead to a hard Brexit, further destruction of our public services, and climate inaction.

As it was in 2017, it is so close between me and the Conservatives.

Make your vote count today. Vote to re-elect me for a final say on Brexit (in which I will campaign to remain), for an environmental policy which is ranked the most transformative by Friends of the Earth, and for an end to the brutal cuts to our NHS, schools, and policing.

#LetsReelectMatt #triedandtrusted
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Come and discuss any issues or concerns you may have at one of the regular surgeries held either at the Constituency office usually on Saturdays (appointment required - please ring or email the office).

Alternatively, I hold frequent ‘pop-up drop-ins’ around the constituency in community centres, cafes and shops etc..

Office of Matt Western, Town Hall, Parade, Leamington Spa, CV32 4AT

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