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Local MP announces community awards initiative

Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western has today launched an initiative to pay tribute and give recognition to the often unsung work of exceptional local people. He will organise and host the area’s first ever community awards to be held later this year. It is expected that it will include a focus on the exceptional work of people who have contributed in the fight against Covid-19.

The event is planned for after the crisis with more details to be announced in the very near future. Having conceived the idea a couple of years ago, Matt says he has always planned that this would become an annual celebration to recognise the service and generosity of the spirit of others.

Speaking about his plans, Matt Western MP said:

“Back in June 2017 when I was first elected, I talked about introducing ‘public service’ awards in recognition of the fantastic work done by all those working in the public sector and elsewhere to make our lives better. My aim was – and is – simple: to give due recognition to people who make a huge difference to our lives but who are rarely acknowledged, possibly only by their colleagues.

“Though we are in the midst of a crisis, I want to ensure people know that the public are proud of the many great acts of public service about them.

“This has been, and remains, a hugely difficult time for the whole Warwick and Leamington community as everywhere. Though we are not through this yet, there are so many people we collectively must pay tribute to. Be it the nurses, doctors, care workers, volunteers, or inspiring residents who have played their part during this pandemic; I want them to be recognised for their work.

“I’m pleased to announce today that I am launching my own community awards. For when this immediate crisis is behind us, I will be organising and hosting the constituency’s first ‘Warwick and Leamington MP Awards for Community Excellence’, to pay tribute and recognise the often unsung work of exceptional people. I plan that they will be annual awards and will be an opportunity for people to come together to recognise the service and generosity of spirit of others.

“I will be providing more details in the coming weeks.”