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APPG for Council Housing Inquiry

About the inquiry 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Council Housing has launched an inquiry into the current and future demands for council homes.  

We are inviting members of the public to have their say. You could be a council tenant, councillor, council employee, trade unionist, housing campaigner or on a housing waiting list. All views are welcome. 

We are particularly interested to receive your views on some or all of the following: 

  • How important is council housing, in addressing local/general housing need? 
  • Does your area still have directly-owned council housing? If not, do you think new/acquired council homes are needed? Please say why. 
  • If your area has council housing, what condition is it in, what investment is needed, and what is stopping that investment? 
  • What is your experience of stock transfer, PFI, ALMO, SPVs or other alternative mechanisms to build and manage council (or former council) housing? 
  • What do you think we need to do to secure a new generation of good-quality council homes? 

How to respond 

The deadline for email and written submissions is 5th January 2024. You can respond in as much detail as you like. 

By email to matt.western.mp@parliament.uk  

By post to Council Housing Inquiry c/o DCH PO Box 33519 London E2 9WW 

Organising a local evidence session 

Can you meet up with people who live and work in council housing (or wish they did), other tenants, councillors, trade unions and housing campaigns to give their views and experience on the current situation and what is needed?   

Let us know if you are organising a local event.  Here’s a checklist that might be useful: 

  1. Do other key groups want to organise this jointly? 
  2. Agree date and venue (or online host) 
  3. Let us know the date, if you want MP’s and other support 
  4. Invite all who might want to contribute  
  5. Keep a record of all who attend, and record all evidence 
  6. Send all evidence and the list of attendees to matt.western.mp@parliament.uk  

Initial report

The APPG produced an initial report to launch the inquiry, covering what we already know about current and future demands for council homes. 

You can download the report here. 

A final report, drawing on all the evidence collected as part of the inquiry, will be published in Spring 2024.