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What I’m looking for in the Government’s budget

Warwick and Leamington MP has four asks for the upcoming Budget and asks for residents to help.

On Wednesday, the Government will be unveiling their Budget, which will announce their spending plans for the coming year. I’m sharing what I will be asking for to ensure we rebuild our country and local community into a sustainable society. Agree with me? Tell the Chancellor..!

With the economy faltering, public and welfare services cut to the bone, and the threat of climate change ever increasing, it is vital that this Budget addresses these massive issues.

Warwick and Leamington residents’ voices must be heard by the Government. Many have written in to share with me what they want to see in the Budget – ranging from compensation for WASPI women, to reinstating the over-75s free TV license and investing in health and social care. I believe that all of these should indeed be included in Government’s plans and will be supporting these calls.

This Government, who have been in power for a decade, is failing on so many issues. They aren’t addressing the climate emergency, we face a housing crisis, our businesses are struggling, and our communities are less healthy, wealthy, and safe. However, this is not inevitable; things can be different.

For that reason, I am calling for the Chancellor to:

  • Support the auto industry to transition to a low-carbon transport future
  • Provide Central Government support for public services like education, health and policing (not just through Council Tax)
  • Invest to build 100,000 council homes a year
  • Reform Business Rates to support our high streets

These investments are critical to ensure we rebuild into a sustainable society. We must support those most in need by providing low-cost housing, kick-start our economy by supporting businesses, and assist the automotive industry to transition to a low carbon transport future (by promoting car scrappage schemes, creating electric bike and car subsidies, and installing car charging points) to combat climate change.

I will be putting these asks directly to the Government during the Budget debate in Parliament.

If you agree with me, fill out the form below where you can send a message to the Chancellor asking for the same investments.