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Westminster Diary 26.09.19

Last time I updated you, Parliament was about to be prorogued. A huge victory for democracy has been won thanks to the Supreme Court, ruling that Johnson’s actions were unlawful. Ever since Johnson called for this suspension, I have been speaking out against his actions, chiefly in response to the anger felt by constituents. I was one of the original signatories to the legal challenge, and I am glad that this decision has been reached. 

This is another important victory in defeating Johnson’s plan to crash out with a disastrous No Deal Brexit. Leaving the EU in such a way would be a catastrophe for local people and businesses, with the Government themselves telling us that there will be food and medicine shortages, and the manufacturing industry telling us it will cost them hugely. 

Now, MPs need to get back to Westminster and hold the Government to account. As I said last month – we will win. 

In other news, I held a public meeting at Myton School, chaired by the Rev. Vaughan Roberts, vicar of St. Mary’s Church in Warwick, where over one hundred constituents attended to hear me report back on the work I have been doing since I was elected in 2017. I spoke about my campaigns against education cuts, climate change and rough sleeping, my campaigns for more social housing and restricting bus drivers’ working hours (Rowan’s Law), and my work in preventing a No Deal Brexit. Thank you to all residents who asked such probing questions on a wide variety of issues.  

Finally, it was a pleasure to address the climate strike in Leamington last week. I both admire and respect those striking to demand an end to the real and urgent threat of climate change. They are being heard, but there is so much that needs to be done to ensure the future survival of our planetAs I said then, we must all show leadership not just in our words but in our individual actions. 

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