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Westminster Diary – 16.07.20

The Chancellor delivered his emergency financial statement last week. Britain should have had a Back to Work Budget, but the announcements fail to face up to the scale of the challenge our country faces.

Whilst I welcome the schemes to support young people into work, as well as the support for the hospitality sector, I have grave concerns about the implications for unemployment levels by not extending the furlough scheme for the hardest hit sectors. The ambition on the green recovery was too low, and there was absolutely nothing for the self-employed and struggling sectors like nurseries, universities, and most shocking of all, manufacturing. Without massive investment in manufacturing, particularly automotive, thousands of jobs could be lost, and our transition to a green future is simply impossible. A stamp duty tax cut would have been better spent building the council housing we desperately need to solve the housing crisis and ensure our homeless aren’t returned to the streets.

I have raised all of this in Parliament in the days since and will continue to push for a comprehensive plan to ensure we can protect and create jobs, and build a greener, better future.

Face coverings will be compulsory to wear in shops from the 24th July. The Government may have dithered and delayed over making a decision on wearing face coverings, but I haven’t. I’ve worn masks in public spaces since the start of the crisis as countries like South Korea and Taiwan have done so. They’ve had effective responses to the virus (they learned lessons from SARS.) The Government was too slow in responding to this crisis effectively and continue to show a lack of leadership. I urge Warwick and Leamington residents to please wear face coverings in enclosed workplaces, shops and busy public spaces to help stop further spread of the virus.

If you wish to contact me about coronavirus, please check the Covid-19 section on my website first -?you are likely to find an answer there.? Otherwise, I can be contacted by email at ‘matt.western.mp@parliament.uk’ or you can ring my office on?01926 882006.