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Westminster Diary 16.01.20

The House of Commons is now back in full swing. Since the start of the new year, I’ve had the opportunity to question Ministers on several important issues. 

Firstly, on the USA and Iran. There have been great efforts in recent years to preserve peace between the two nations, but I’m afraid the Trump presidency has dangerously ratcheted up tensions. The killing of General Soleimani is the latest event in this escalation, but the one which may have lasting impact is the USA’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. It is no one’s interestthat Iran develop nuclear weaponsI asked the Prime Minister what he is doing to help restore the agreement, alongside his counterparts in France and Germany. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister was short on detail and clearly wary about upsetting his boss – Donald Trump. 

I questioned the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union on what the Government will do to support the brilliant creative industries we have locally, particularly in the performing arts. They are seriously worried about our post-Brexit immigration policies, which will add bureaucracy and cost to performing in Europe and could make it more difficult to recruit talent from abroad. We should maintain an open relationship with our European friends, and I hope that the Government listens to the needs of these organisations in its upcoming Immigration Bill.  

Locally, I was concerned by the sudden closure of the Post Office branch in Bath Street in South Leamington, just before the busy Christmas period. The other branch in Leamington is inundated as a result, and it can impact on elderly people and those with access issues significantly. I’ve written to both the Post Office and the Minister responsible, urging them to reopen it as soon as possible and to look towards a more suitable site for its location going forwards. 

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