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Westminster Diary – 12.09.19

This week in Westminster has been extraordinary. MPs across the House have come together, united in preventing the Prime Minister from forcing through a “catastrophic” No Deal Brexit. 

Parliament passed a Bill that will legally require the Prime Minister to seek an extension to the Brexit process if the Government cannot secure a deal with the EUThis wouldn’t be a problem for the Government if they were being honest about seeking a deal with the EU. However, they have no interest in delivering anything other than a No Deal. Not even Johnson’s brother can trust him. Nor the 21 other MPs who he removed from the Conservative Party including Churchill’s great-grandson. Remember, in July Johnson had claimed the chances of a No Deal Brexit “were a million to one”. 

Johnson then tabled a motion for a General Election – after claiming just days before that this wasn’t what he wanted. MPs across the House, myself included, voted against it. With the 31st October Brexit deadline on the horizon, our primary focus must be on restoring Parliament and bringing the Brexit process back under democratic scrutiny and control. I and Labour colleagues will support an election once we can be sure a No Deal Brexit has been avoided. 

Locally, at long last, Conservative-led Warwick District Council has ceased its arrangement with private sector partners PSP Warwick to deliver proposed new Council offices. This has only come about because of public outrage and my petition. I have written to the Council under a Freedom of Information request asking them to disclose how much taxpayer money has been wasted in its dealings with PSP Warwick. 

However, the council is yet to commit to scrapping the council offices project entirely. I have been consistently vocal against the move which residents tell me is an unnecessary vanity project and which would be so damaging to our town centre and the local economy. I will continue to campaign against their relocation project, regardless of PSP Warwick’s involvement. 

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