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Warwick and Leamington MP calls again for Barford quarry plans to be scrapped


This week, Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western delivered a petition in Parliament to urge the Government to step in and ensure that Warwickshire County Council withdraws its plans for a quarry near the village of Barford.
Speaking in the House of Commons, Matt argued that quarries sited close to towns and villages pose huge health risks from airborne dust and should not be permitted.

In other countries, there is a legally established minimum exclusion zone. For example, the regulations in Canada state a minimum of 600 metres.
US-based Environmental Working Group found that “the danger of airborne silica is especially acute for children…silica air pollution has become a danger for residents near open sand mining and processing.”

The site on which Warwickshire County Council is planning to allow the quarry is also close to the local school.

The petition calls for the Barford plans to be scrapped and will now be sent to the Government for consideration.

Local Barford villagers have been campaigning against the plans since 2015 and Matt has been supporting their efforts since he was elected. Last October, he hosted a debate in Parliament urging the Government to step in and scrap the plans.

Speaking about the petition, Matt said “Since I raised the issue in Parliament last year, more pressure has been placed on the Council to withdraw their plans for the quarry. I’m proud to have delivered this petition on behalf of Barford residents. It’s important that I take every opportunity to ensure that constituents’ voices are heard. It’s clear to me and residents that this quarry cannot go ahead. I will continue to advocate on behalf of Barford residents.”