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MP calls for an urgent inquiry into Covid-19 deaths locally

Matt Western has described the need for an ’interim and urgent’ investigation into the deaths, particularly in care homes, in Warwickshire as a result of Covid-19.


Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday (22nd July) before the summer recess, the Warwick and Leamington Member of Parliament outlined his thanks to many in the community who helped in the effort against the virus. He described, however, that he had “real concerns about the failure of some and lack of leadership in recognising the threat of the pandemic”. Mr Western specifically mentioned the response to the crisis in our care homes, believing there was an “absolute blindness” to the issue.


To date, there has been at least 394 ‘excess deaths’ in Warwickshire care homes this year.


Mr Western said:


“[We have seen] 65,000 excess deaths. I believe we cannot wait for a Government inquiry”, he argued that “we need an interim urgent inquiry to take place, and I certainly want to see one in Warwickshire.”


The MP has previously called out local and national government for their responses to the social care outbreaks. Back in May, Mr Western said “locally, Warwickshire County Council were slow to prioritise social care in important Covid-19 response meetings – omitting the issue of social care completely – until I intervened.” He also said “Shockingly, Public Health England’s guidance in March said that care homes were “very unlikely” to see an outbreak of Covid-19. At the same time, the WHO declared a global pandemic and people were already dying in the UK.”