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Matt Western MP responds to Dominic Cummings’ conduct and the Government’s response

I’m afraid that the public are losing trust in the Government’s strategy and Johnson’s leadership owing to the reckless handling of Dominic Cummings’ conduct in breaking the rules. We have seen that this Government is simply acting in self-interest, not the national interest.


Warwick and Leamington residents, many hundreds of whom have been in touch to share their anger, have made extraordinary sacrifices during the lockdown. Many were in similar or even worse circumstances when it came to childcare provision whilst self-isolating, but they did the right thing and stayed at home because that’s what the Government told them to do to help save lives.


The message from this Government is clear: it’s one rule for them, and another for everybody else. I fear that a second wave of the virus may arise due to the legitimacy this will give some to also flout the rules.


With almost 40 backbench Conservative MPs coming out against Cummings, including some in the local area, it is hard to see how Johnson can stand by his adviser. Keir Starmer has already said that if he was the Prime Minister, he would have sacked Cummings. Action must be taken urgently and the Government must launch an inquiry, as Keir has rightly called for.