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Combatting Crime

Crime is rising and it needs to be tackled head on.

Locally; knife crime is on the rise, sexual assault has risen to 526 reported cases, hate crime is up 37% in three years, and residents are concerned about issues around traffic offences and thefts among others.

The county has seen a 152% increase in violent crime since 2010. We have seen two crime-related deaths this year.

Between 2015 and 2019, total recorded crime has increased by 33%.

The situation is seriously becoming untenable.

Of course, a key component of keeping us safe is to have adequate numbers of police officers on our streets.  We have seen that the Government have cut police and safety services to the bone since 2010. We have seen cuts of up to £3.5bn which resulted in the local area losing 172 police officers and 59 PCSOs.

No wonder why they are on the rise – you cannot keep us safe on the cheap.

Whilst the Government’s promise of  extra police officers is welcome, they are not paying for these themselves and are instead relying on increases in Council Taxes to cover part of the cost.

The Government simply should not be relying on council tax increases to pay for police funding. Instead, they should be paying for it centrally. Warwickshire increased the tax by 12% last year and 6% this year.

It’s simply wrong for residents being made to pick up almost the whole bill for the Old Bill.

The Government should be investing heavily now to tackle the rise in crime across the country, not leaving it to local residents to pay for the bill.

I’ve lobbied them and the Police and Crime Commissioner several times on this point and I will continue to do so, for our safety’s sake.

I will keep on advocating for more action by the Government and other office holders to do all they can to combat crime.

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