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Council Tax Hikes Hurting Hard-Pressed Households

We’ve learned recently that residents are about to see a huge increase in Council Tax from April. This hurts hard-pressed households and instead the Government should instead pay their fair share.

From my estimations, on average, people could pay up to £124 per year more – that’s £10 a month extra. Living in Whitnash will cost over £2,000, in Warwick just under that, and in Leamington £1,767. I have written to the Council to get absolute clarity on these figures.

Since the Government came to power in 2010, we are paying more and getting less.

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, cuts to funding from central government have led to a 17% fall in councils’ spending on local public services since 2009–10. In the same period, council tax for in Leamington has gone up by 21%.

We absolutely need more funding for essential services like social care and policing, as well as resources to combat climate change. However, the Government are relinquishing responsibility to pay their fair share of this cost.

If you’re concerned about this increase in council tax, please do get in touch by submitting the form below.

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