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My views on Brexit

I have always said and continue to believe that seeking to retain the benefits of both the Single Market and the Customs Union in the future is vital to protecting jobs, businesses and the economy.

The Prime Minister’s deal does not deliver this, nor does it deliver what many people who voted Brexit were voting for: this deal removes control from the UK instead of taking back control. It would be extremely damaging to the UK, in particular to manufacturing and jobs, and I will not be voting for the deal as it stands. It is incredibly frustrating that the Prime Minister is running down the clock and playing the ultimate game of brinkmanship with MPs of all sides (who are against the deal) to force it through.

This is denying Parliament – as representatives of our communities – the chance to debate and decide. Unfortunately the Prime Minister is effectively denying the country its democracy in order to secure her premiership. So now we must consider extending Article 50 to give us more time, consider all options including Norway+ and Canada+++. And we will need a General Election or second referendum to find a way through.