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Clublands community building tenancies

Last Friday Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington, met with representatives from the Ahmadiyya mosque, Royal Leamington Spa Canoe Club (RLSCC) and Leamington LAMP to discuss the long-term future of their venues, and others including the St. Patrick’s Club, located in the clublands area to the west of Adelaide Road in Leamington.


The area was initially included in Warwick District’s Councils plans for a ‘Creative Quarter’, which threw their short-term future into doubt. The Council have since removed the area from the masterplan after consultation with businesses and residents, but the long-term future of the venues are still at stake.


Matt Western MP has pledged to work closely with the venues and Warwick District Council to provide for their long-term security in these venues.


Says Matt Western MP, “I am pleased that Warwick District Council have listened to the wishes of these communities based in the clublands area, though I find it hard to see how it was ever a good idea to include these areas in the Creative Quarter plans. It cannot be right to bring uncertainty to the future of a religious venue like this, and I see no sensible alternative venue for an organisation like the canoe club.


The meeting with representatives from those community venues on Friday was productive and I hope to help secure their long-term leases on the site so that their good work can continue in Leamington for years to come.”